Boiler overhaul 27/08/15

Work is continuing apace on the boiler at Crewe. As can be seen from the pictures the boiler is slowly being put back together.

The new crown stays haven’t arrived yet but their delivery is expected anytime.

Whilst the sides were waiting to be done the foundation ring has been fitted as it is easier to fit with the new sides not fitted.

One new half side has been fitted and ready for welding. Once this is done the stay holes can be drilled and measurements taken for the new copper stays. The other side has still to be done.

All new tubes have been delivered and once the new sling stays have been fitted the tubes can installed. It is necessary to get into the boiler to fit the sling stays and if the tubes were fitted this would not be possible.

The blast pipe was found to have a hole in it. A new casting is being sourced.

Hopefully in the next month or so we should have a provisional date for the hydraulic test and steam test.


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