Boiler overhaul 29/10/15

Good progress at LNWR Heritage Crewe over the last few months has seen the boiler overhaul come on in leaps and bounds.

Since the last update both steel half sides have been welded and the welds tested. This has enabled the foundation ring to be riveted in and all the joints between the copper and steel caulked.

The copper laps within the firebox have had new set screws fitted where necessary and the joints caulked.

One of the last major items has been the fitting of the new crown and sling stays.

The front plate of the firebox will have the new copper stays fitted shortly whilst the boiler is on its side as this makes it easier to access them as once the boiler is upright, it becomes difficult to access them whilst the boiler is on a wagon.

All copper stays are now in stock so these will be fitted along with the 149 small tubes and 21 large tubes once the boiler is upright.

The boiler fittings are at the West Somerset Railway being overhauled and will be returned to Crewe shortly ready for the hydraulic and steam test which is scheduled for the end of November. Once these tests have been passed, the boiler will be  put back on the frames and the engine will start to become to look like 44422 again.


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