Boiler Overhaul 05/01/16

The boiler was having a preliminary steam test today in preparation of the statutory steam test on Thursday the 7th January.

At the time the photos were taken the boiler had been gradually bought up to 60 lbs per sq in and as can be seen from the chimney a fresh round of coal had just been put on.

Anybody shopping at Tesco Crewe this morning will have benefited from the sight and smell of an engine under test!

The chassis has been brought inside to carry out work to enable the boiler to be reunited once it has passed the steam test. All the crinolines have been overhauled and the cladding has been checked over and repaired where necessary. All the pipework which is fixed to the boiler and under the lagging has also been fitted.

The plan is to have the engine completed and ready to travel to the West Somerset Railway in mid February where it will be re-united with its tender and the steamed down from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead.


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