Progress On re-assembly 28/01/16

Apologies for the loss of some pictures from previous posts.

Progress on re-assembly of 44422 has been rapid at Crewe.

All boiler fittings have have been re-united with the boiler and as can be seen from the photo the loco is currently a cabriolet version of a 4F at the moment. Minor repair work has been carried out on the cab roof and the inside will be painted with a fresh coat of paint before being put back on.

The loco has a new set of gauge frames (these show how much water is in the boiler).

The chimney needs some attention and is nearing the end of its life but will be okay for the immediate future. Plans are in hand to have a new one cast.

The superheater header and the superheater elements need fitting followed by the main steam pipes and then the new blast pipe base which has arrived back from the West Somerset Railway following machine.


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