January 2018 – Update

Following the work carried out on 44422 in June, it has been in regular use on service trains and footplate experiences and has run with no major problems.

At the end of the 2017 operating season the WSR decided to carry out some mechanical work. On inspection it was noticed that the loco tyres need turning back to the correct profile.

With the loco being an 0-6-0, hence without a leading pony truck or bogie, the front wheels “steer” the loco when running chimney first and this tends to wear the flanges. The loco and tender had new tyres in 2004 and 2007 respectively so there is plenty of life in them yet.

The loco was lifted on the 8th January so the wheels can be sent for turning in the near future.

Whilst the crank axle is away the big end crank pins will be re-ground to ensure that they are perfectly round as they are a bit worn and have not had full attention since there BR days.

Whilst the wheels are out of the loco the axleboxes can be checked and overhauled as necessary.

Pictures, with thanks to Colin Henderson, of the lift from the WSRA website below:

44422 Lift picture 1

44422 Lift picture 2

44422 lift picture 3

44422 lift picture 4

44422 lift picture 5

44422 lift picture 6


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